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Serendipity Sue's-  

Come For Tea

Discover Connection Though Tea
Serendipity Sue's Premium Loose-Leaf Teas

Our teas are responsibly and sustainably sourced from small family tea farms from all over the world.
We trust you will find the assortment of these premium teas to please your palate for everyday of every

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A cup of tea is a cup of peace

Sen Sshitsu 

Serendipity Sue's-Come For Tea

Finding true connection in our lives is becoming lost
as a result of our advancing technologies,
Yet, connecting with others is a deep need we long for.

This is the reason we seek solace in the beauty of nature;

Whether it’s hiking or biking trails, sitting by the waters’ edge,

or across the table from a loved-one or friend.
We pine for a sense of peace and connection

With ourselves and others.

For this reason,
Serendipity Sue’s seeks to
Encourage you to

Discover Connection through Tea

By showcasing the Western Colorado lifestyle.
Teas are matched with local landmarks and interests.
Well known to those of us fortunate to live in this most

Amazing part of the world.

We hope to share its beauty and uniqueness
By offering to you a taste of Western Colorado.

Be sure to check back frequently,
As we will be including more teas
And other exciting products.

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